Sunday, November 9, 2008

Halloween and Mary Beth's Surprise

We had a wonderful Halloween. First we celebrated at our church on Halloween night and enjoyed Trunk or Treat with all of our church family. Then we went on Mary Beth's first ever hayride. It was great! She looked so cute in her little Snow White outfit and crown. She still loves to put that dress on. The hayride took us on back roads that we did not know were there, but is was so much fun to see Mary Beth enjoy it as much as she did. Now, when we pull up to the church and we are not dressed in our Sunday clothes she thinks we are going on another hayride.
On Saturday after Halloween we were invited to Liberty Baptist Church for their Fall Festival. Mary Beth loved having her face painted, throwing darts at the balloons for a prize, throwing the basketball and going fishing for prizes. They had a blow up castle there for the kids to bounce around in, but Mary Beth did not like the fact that there were other children in there. Then all of a sudden she discovered that no one was in the bounce castle so off she went. Then others started coming in and she loved it.

On Sunday after church she got a very big surprise. We held the secret all week long and did not reveal it until we got to the Bancorp South Arena. Then we walked up to get our tickets and then we told her as we were walking in the door what we were about to do. We took her to see Mickey, Minnie and friends on ice. She was so excited. She had her picture taken with Mickey and Minnie and she got to see all of her favorite characters. She loved it!! It was the greatest thing getting to see her with her eyes glued to every move that the skaters made.

Soon we will be celebrating her 3rd birthday. It doesn't seem like she should be 3 yet, but she is getting to be such a big girl. She loves to cook, clean and she really enjoys our new church that we are going to. She loves that she has her own children's church and that she goes where she is suppose to go every Sunday morning and mommy and daddy go to their grown up church. It is just wonderful to be able to share God's love with everyone there. He truly speaks through this wonderful group of people. Everyone there is very interested in finding out about Mary Beth and how she came to be as are other's in this world. I will be sharing our story with everyone that would like to read it again soon here on her website. The Lord is working wonders in all of us, but he has given me the gift of being a mother to Mary Beth and has told me to share her story with people and that is what I am doing. I have been asked to speak at our women's group and our children's church and I have also had the pleasure of sharing her story with our daycare owner's church women's group. It is amazing how the Lord works in all of us and he has given me the ability to do something that I thought I would never do and that is to speak in front of a group of people. Thank you Lord for working through me!!!!!!

Enjoy the Halloween pictures and the Disney on Ice photo. We all hope to hear from you soon.

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