Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Vacation 2009

We just returned from having one of the BEST vacations ever. We met up with our friends the Spradling's and the Detweiler's, rented a cabin and went to the Chinese Children's Reunion at Cirque De Chine in Sevierville, TN. Let me tell you; if you have not had the pleasure of seeing the Acrobats at Cirque De Chine you are missing a wonderful show. They had a day set aside just for adopted children from China. It was filled with games, activities, Chinese Food and the show. Mary Beth said that the drums hurt her ears and that the dragon scared her, but she loved the show none the less. After that fun filled day we spent one day doing absolutely nothing however we did go swimming that day. Then we let the guys set out for their day of adventure and all of the girls spent the day shopping. Each night we were able to return to our beautiful cabin and cook our own food and sit back and relax. We enjoyed everything so much until we have already started making plans for next year. On the trip home yesterday Mary Beth kept asking the same two questions: When are we going back to Charlie Ann's house and when are we going on vacation again? Charles even said this morning that he didn't feel like driving, but if I said let's pack our bags and go to the mountains he would do it.

We thank God for a wonderful and much needed vacation, time well spent getting to know our friends better and making lasting memories for our daughters.