Tuesday, April 26, 2011

We were on the Dove Awards with Third Day!!!!

Can you believe it we were on the Dove Awards with Third Day while they preformed "Children of God"? You ask how did we get there? Well, I will tell you how it happened. About a month ago Third Day put out a notice on their Facebook page that they were in search of people that had adopted or were adopted. If so, simply take a photo with the person that had been adopted holding a sign that said "ADOPTED". So we got our little family together and Papaw took the photo with Mary Beth holding the sign and we sent it in. Third Day posted on their Facebook page yesterday that you could click on the link and you could see them performing "Children of God" at the Dove Awards. I just had to click on the link just to see if they were using the photos and much to our surprise they were and you could see our photo (almost in plain sight).

If you click on the link (the link is below in orange - the link will say Johnston Family with Third Day at the Dove Awards) you will see Third Day (lead singer Mac Powell and his wife have two adopted children (not sure where their children were adopted from)) performing with Mark Hall the lead singer for Casting Crowns (who has a daughter adopted from China) and Steven Curtis Chapman (who everyone knows has three little girls adopted from China - one, Maria who is living in Heaven with Jesus). This song is an amazing song - it has been one of our favorites from the first time we both heard it and it has such a STRONG message. I can't see how anyone can listen to this song and not feel God's love from it! He is such an AMAZING God and I am so glad to know him, love him, praise him and worship him!!

We hope you will listen and receive the message from listening to this song and watch really close because you will see our photo (below) in the back ground on the big screen.


Love to all!!

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