Monday, November 2, 2009


I know I am falling behind on posting photos and updates and for that I AM SO SORRY!!! However, we have had Mary Beth's third Gotcha Day Party and even though we had it on a holiday weekend, we still had a great time and really appreciate all of the family and friends that came out to help us celebrate. Thank you to all for your gifts before, during and after the party. She has enjoyed each and every one of them and continues to do so. We are gearing up for her 4th birthday party at this time. It is so hard to believe that we have had our little angel for 3 years and she is about to turn 4. She is such a big girl. She is spelling words on her own now and she has already started on math. She proved to us the other day that she can add and subtract. She is so smart! God has truly blessed us beyond all measures with our little girl. It is very hard to see her growing up like she is, but she blossums every single day.

Last night she gave me the greatest compliment of all. We were laying in the bed after reading our bedtime story and she looked over at me and said to me "Mommy you are the best mommy ever"! WOW - I have smiled each and every time I have thought of her saying it. Yes, I know that I am suppose to!!!

Tonight I got out the telescope and let her look at the beautiful full moon. She had such a good time doing it. Times like this are priceless and I thank God for letting me have them with such a precious little girl!

All the new pictures are above. We hope you will enjoy!

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Erma Whittemore said...

Thanks for sharing your joyful
precious moments with your little
angel with me. She knows already how blessed she is to be yours and
Chip's o