Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Laughter Lives Tuesday

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Here is a laugh for you and a AAAAAWWWWW for today on Laughter Lives Tuesday:

One afternoon after work I went to pick up Mary Beth from school. I was putting her in her carseat when this conversation happened.

Mary Beth: Mommy can I have Ronald McDonald food tonight? (Notice she does not call it McDonald's or Mickey D's like most children)

Me: No baby not tonight we were going home and we were going to cook supper.

Mary Beth: Please can I have Ronald McDonald food?

Me: No we are not having Ronald McDonald food we are going home and cook and you can help me cook.

Mary Beth: Much louder voice: PLEASE CAN I HAVE RONALD McDONALD FOOD?

Me: No baby we can not! Mommy doesn't have the money to go to McDonald's - we will have to go home and cook.

At this point I am closing the back door of the SUV and opening the front door to get in and.....

Mary Beth: Mommy why do you go to work to make money if you don't have any money to get Ronald McDonald food?

Boy did I feel about an inch tall at that moment and yes I went into explain the whole situation to her about paying bills, buying food, shoes, clothes and having a roof over her head.

That is our little funny so now it is your turn. Make someone laugh today!


Liz said...

Visiting from BR blog...

That's cute. When my 5 yr old asks to go out to eat, and I tell him that we don't have the money for that; he proceeds to tell me, "Just use your driver's license"

Yeah...since that IS a way to get money!

What kids say....so innocent :)

Lindsey's mom said...

My 6yr old son used to tell me to just use my "card" (debit card). He was convinced that meant we had money all the time!

DawnS said...

Too funny! Mine just tell me "But Mom, you have $20 in your purse just sitting there!" :)